Quotes Of The Week: X Games, Verlander, Mayoral Race, Charles Pugh

This week we hear from Justin Verlander, Kevin Krease, Sam Riddle, Curt Guyette, Keith Crain and the Michigan Chronicle’s editor.

“Come back to Detroit, Charles. Deal with this mess. But above all, stay alive.”
– Sam Riddle, Michigan Citizen columnist, addressing Charles Pugh 

“We discovered that ‘Built in Detroit’ resonates more with people than ‘Made in America.’ “
– Jacques Panis, president of Shinola, quoted in Detroit News

“I’m fine with being a prisoner of my own success. . . . I expect to be great every time I go out there.”
– Justin Verlander on ESPN radio show, quoted at Detroit News

“You have to admire Barrow’s flair for the dramatic.”
– Curt Guyette, blogging in Metro Times on mayoral write-in challenge

“We don’t dream big enough here.”
– Kevin Krease, X Games bid co-organizer, quoted in Detroit News


“What is happening in Detroit reads like a soap opera, so it makes us wonder what, where and when will the next shoe drop.”
– Bankole Thompson, Michigan Chronicle editor 

“I don’t know if we have a criminal complaint here. . . . It alleges inappropriate contact or conduct, but is it a crime?”
– Det. Lt. Robert Anderson of Madison Heights Police, quoted in Free Press on complaint about Charles Pugh 

“There is a ton of potential for the Detroit City Football Club.”
– Michael Hitchcock, commissioner of National Premier Soccer League, at its website

“The Detroit City Council seems intent on imploding.”
– Keith Crain, head of Crain Communication, in Crain’s Detroit Business column

“I’ve been stabbed twice, shot at eight times and lived through dangerous times in the Police Department.”
–Ike McKinnon, ex-Detroit chief, defending his $92,451 pension in The Detroit News

“As attorney general, [Bill] Schuette has been reliable in two respects: Inserting himself into everything, and being wrong about everything.”
– Eric Baerren, MLive columnist, on same-sex marriage opponents